Mobile SEO Guide: 6 Ways To Improve Your Ranking

Mobile phones account for 52.2 per cent of all internet traffic. This means mobile phones account for more than half of all internet traffic.

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#1 Confirm That Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly Using Mobile-Friendly Test

Google provides tools for determining whether your site is mobile friendly. Their mobile-friendly test is one of them.


#2 Improve Your Site Speed

Websites with slow loading times have higher bounce rates. The bounce rate increases by 123 per cent as the load duration grows from one to ten seconds.

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#3 Make Your Design Mobile Responsive

As consumers continue to access material on the go, an adaptable website design provides your site with a competitive advantage. It also makes it easy for them to shop and boosts conversions.

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#4 Focus on the user experience

You must prioritise the user experience if you want to be successful with mobile-friendly SEO.


#5 Optimize Content for Mobile

Creating mobile content is an excellent mobile SEO technique. When you produce mobile content, you format it so that it looks well on mobile devices.

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#6  Optimize Content for Local Search

Local SEO is an important component of mobile SEO. Mobile searches for the keyword “near me” have increased threefold in the last few years, indicating that more and more people are looking for local companies.

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70% Of People spend their Internet time on mobile devices. 74% Of users on the internet prefer a mobile-friendly website. 60% Of consumers believe that mobile-friendly websites improve their experience.

Mobile is, without a doubt, the future of search. That is most likely why Google is revamping their whole algorithm to focus on mobile search.

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