#7 Critical Local SEO Ranking Factors 2022


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#1 The Highest Ranking Signal Is Google My Business

Take a look at the top signal, which is Google My Business, which has a score of 33%. This comes as no surprise to us, and we’re sure it won’t surprise you either. 

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#2 Reviews Signals

Studies show that reviews are what consumers trust.

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#3 On-Page Signals

This relates specifically to the company’s website, with items such as the presence of the company’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) on the website, website optimization and keyword optimization.

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#4 Link Signal

It all comes down to the number, quality, and authority of the websites that link to your client’s website. 


#5 Behavioural Signal

Consider the click-through rate, clicks to call, check-ins, and other metrics. Behavioural signals are the behaviours that a customer makes to communicate with a company. 

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#6  Citation Signals 

Citation signals are among the lowest signals, yet they are still quite important.

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#7  Personalization Signal 

Personalization has the lowest proportion, which isn’t unexpected given that, while customers appreciate individualized experiences, they may be creepy at times.

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Google My Business Signals 33% Reviews Signals 16% On-Page Signals 15% Link Signals 15% Behavioural Signals 8% Citations Signals 7% Personalization Signals 6%

7 Local SEO Ranking Signals

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