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How Video Content Became an Essential SEO Strategy for Companies

How Video Content Became an Essential SEO Strategy for Companies

Videos are an effective SEO strategy that provides visibility for companies. People have a short attention span, and anything that offers visual information is perceived better and gets more views and engagement. Video SEO is creating video content optimised for SEO that is effectively indexed by search engines and hence ranked higher.

Video is a more efficient way to communicate the information and is an effective SEO campaign for businesses. There are many benefits of integrating video SEO as part of the SEO strategy for businesses.

Importance of Video content for SEO strategy 

SEO helps rank websites higher and increase visibility and engagement from the target audience. Video content and marketing is one of the most effective strategies to boost SEO. The use of video SEO helps bring more organic traffic to the website as the search engine’s latest algorithm favours it.

The websites with video content are indexed higher and rank better on search engines. Here are some of the benefits of video content for the SEO strategy of a business.

Search engine algorithms favour video content

The latest Google algorithm favours video content, and any website with SEO optimised video content is ranked higher. People prefer watching video content more as compared to reading about the same. The videos optimised with keyword-rich meta tags draw more organic traffic by doing keyword research.

According to video marketing statistics, 96% of consumers prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service and hence video content has become an important source of information with higher organic traffic. Hence, based on the latest algorithm, most search engines favour websites and rank them higher when it consists of video content. The strategy works well with businesses that focus on creating video content as a part of the SEO campaign.

Drives organic traffic to the website

Most businesses have a website, but it is crucial to SEO optimise it to bring in organic traffic and higher views. Videos have higher watch time and engagement and drive traffic to the website. One of the effective marketing strategies for using video as an SEO strategy is to redirect traffic to the website from third party sites.

Businesses hosting videos on YouTube or Vimeo can redirect the audience to the website, hence increasing the organic traffic. The video maker makes it easy and convenient for businesses to create videos that can either be embedded on the website directly or uploaded on third party sites.

Creates a higher number of backlinks

Backlinks are significant for SEO and hence help in boosting the search engine ranking. Video content is indeed top of the funnel content and hence gets a significant number of backlinks. However, businesses need to create impeccable information and high-quality content. With higher visibility and good quality content, high ranking websites link the video content, and hence backlinks generate more visibility.

Video content is popular and generates higher social signals

The video content is a good SEO strategy as it is visually more engaging and has the tendency to go viral. Videos are easier to consume as compared to reading blogs or other information. Many video-sharing platforms are optimising themselves to suit all types of video content consumers.

Platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo bring billions of visitors. The video content is easy to share on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. A CTA or link to the website with the video is an effective SEO strategy to redirect the audience.

Video SEO increases market presence for businesses

The integration of good quality video content is beneficial for SEO and helps build a positive digital marketing presence. Creating video content for the business provides the customers with a better way to gauge the services and products. As more customers visit the website with the videos or get redirected from social media platforms, search engines recognise the popularity and boost them accordingly. Video SEO is an effective strategy to create a better market presence.

Video content boosts the social presence of the brand

Video content is an effective SEO strategy as it plays a huge role in ranking the website higher and helps with video promotion. As the videos are more shareable, it is directly related to the SERPs’ higher position. Hence, the higher the number of social media shares, the higher its ranking on search engines. Video gets more engagement and hence effectively creates a strong brand presence.

Tips for Increasing the Video Content SEO Strategy

The use of video content in the SEO strategy effectively increases the website’s visibility and generates higher organic traffic. Here are a few SEO tips that help create a successful video SEO strategy.

Use videos on the websites

The latest algorithm of search engines like Google indexes those websites higher that have video content embedded in it. Make sure to integrate videos on the website relevant to the content. Here are three things to keep in mind for an effective video SEO strategy:

  • Make sure the videos are relevant to the website content. For example, if you have a blog post about choosing the right trekking shoes, make sure the video is relevant to the same and visually shows how to pick up the right shoes.
  • The quality of the video is important. Use a professional video maker and edit it to create a good informative, quality video.
  • Do not create videos that are similar to others. Be novel and creative and maintain exclusivity in the videos. Be it tips or product demonstration, make sure it is to the point.

Examples of videos that work well as part of SEO strategy

  • Explainer videos like how-to are the most viewed and informative for the audience.
  • The product demonstration videos are effective for demonstrating product use.
  • Testimonial and behind-the-scenes videos are quite effective for SEO strategy.
  • Other video categories important for SEO include webinars, company culture videos, sales videos etc.

Addition of SEO friendly features

It is important to integrate the videos with SEO to increase their visibility. Here are some features necessary for SEO optimising a video:

  • SEO optimise the title of the video
  • Use keywords in the video description to get organic traffic
  • Timestamps help people navigate the video
  • Add a keyword-rich web copy explaining the concepts of the video

Add video transcripts and attractive thumbnail

Make sure the video has SEO optimised video transcripts and captions to help it rank higher on search engines. Google crawlers scan the text for keywords and hence help rank the page accordingly. The use of a transcription tool helps in integrating the captions.

The thumbnail is an effective SEO strategy, and an attractive thumbnail gets the higher click. Make sure the thumbnail is relevant to the content.


Video marketing and content is an effective SEO strategy that increases the visibility and ranks the website higher due to better indexing of the video content. Video content is attractive and provides higher engagement making it a strong SEO strategy. Hence, video marketing is an effective SEO strategy driving higher organic traffic due to better indexing and ranking based on the latest search engine algorithm.

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