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Ubersuggest Chrome Extension Featured

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: An Overview On All In One SEO Tool

The most important part for any website in the entire online sales cycle is to get more organic traffic. This organic traffic which leads to lead generation and then sales is highly dependent on the keywords and content.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting the traffic but, getting the correct keywords and updating them from time to time is not an easy task.

To help businesses with new and improved keywords, there are different SEO tools, one of which is Ubersuggest. In today’s article, we will learn more about Ubersuggest and its different benefits.

What is Ubersuggest? 

Ubersuggest is a chrome extension and it is free to use which is backed by the website: (

It is acquired by author, influencer, and entrepreneur Neil Patel. It is a Search Engine Optimization tool that helps in generating new keywords, content ideas, and strategies to get more organic traffic. 

Sounds amazing, isn’t it? But how does Ubersuggest work, you may ask. So, let us understand the working behind this amazing SEO tool.

How does Ubersuggest work?

Ubersuggest examines the keywords as well as the backlinks. It provides the user with the data which can be used to enhance the visibility of the website. For example, if you type ‘warm clothes’ on the search tab given in Ubersuggest, you will find the number of searches for this keyword in a month with its cost per click and SEO difficulty. It also gives you a page title URL that can be used to create more keywords.

Let us now understand the different terms used on the page of Ubersuggest.

How to use Ubersuggest?

The very first step is to install the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension. Once that is done, if you search for any keyword on Google, Amazon, or YouTube, Ubersuggest will provide you with the details required to improve the keywords.

Ubersuggest Keyword Suggestion
Google Search Data

If you want extensive search then you need to click on ‘view all’ and you can find yourself surrounded by keywords overview, keyword ideas, traffic, and backlinks. All this and more content, for you to improve your website. 

Let us go a little further and understand the different terms used by Ubersuggest on its page.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas
Ubersuggest Keyword Idea Tab
  • Search volume: It shows the traffic generated by a keyword during a month. The amount of traffic generated for the keyword ’warm clothes’ is 3600. The graph also shows that the search was higher from August to November.
  • SEO difficulty: The next point on the page is about SEO difficulty which means the score represents the estimated competition in the free or organic search. The score for the keyword ‘warm clothes’ is 79 which means the competition is higher for this keyword. The lesser the score, the lower is the competition for the same.
  • Paid difficulty: This score shows the estimated competition for the keyword in paid search. The paid difficulty as per Ubersuggest for the keyword ‘warm clothes’ is 99. Again, a higher number means more competition.
  • Cost per click or CPC: This shows the amount paid to Google for per click search done for a particular keyword. The higher the CPC, the higher is the value of that keyword. The CPC for the keyword ‘warm clothes’ is $.89.

Highlighting Features Of Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Content Ideas
Ubersuggest Content Idea Tab

Ubersuggest doesn’t stop here. It not only provides insight into keyword generation but also content generation ideas and keyword research, traffic analyzers and helps in identifying the winning content that generates traffic for your website. So, the benefits of Ubersuggests can be as follows:

  • Accessibility
  • Fast results
  • New keywords ideas
  • User friendly
  • Location-based data
  • Option of using different languages
  • Data can be exported into excel
  • Visual understanding with the help of graphs
(Neil Patel) Ubersuggest Blogs
Ubersuggest Blog

Ubersuggest is a great SEO tool to increase the understanding of keywords, backlinks, and content generation and it is FREE for your day-to-day research work.

Ubersuggets Premium Services

Ubersuggest comes with a paid service as well. Although many features are free on the Ubersuggest page but at a very minimal price, you can get a lot more support.

The following are some of the benefits you will receive if you decide to purchase Ubersugget services:

  • Course videos-20 hours of content
  • Worksheets and templates which you will be able to download and print
  • Biweekly coaching call from Neil Patel and team
  • Email support
  • Keyword discovery
  • Site audit
  • Daily rank tracking
  • Backlink data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Web projects

Let us have a look at the pricing and the different types of plans:

  • Small business or individual (1-3 websites): $12 per month that includes 100 reports per day, 20000 keyword suggestions, and 2000 backlink rows.
  • Small and medium businesses (4-7 websites): $20 per month that include 300 reports per day, 50000 keyword suggestions, and 5000 backlink rows.
  • Enterprise Agency (8 plus websites): $40 per month that includes 900 reports per day, 100000 keyword suggestions, and 10000 backlink rows.


As mentioned above, Ubersuggets is a free tool but even if you decide to buy its services, it is not that expensive in comparison with other SEO tools. Live support is always better to beat the competition. 

With the number of updates coming each day in Ubersuggest, it will be a name to reckon with in the SEO industry. 

I hope you would’ve got all the answers you were searching for. If not, then the comment box is wide open for you or you can mail your queries at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to help you. 

Also, Thanks a lot for reading along, it means a lot to us. 

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