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MozBar Extension

MozBar Extension: A Complete Guideline to Boost Your SEO

MozBar Extension is a free chrome add-on extension that is only available on the Google Chrome Webstore. It helps you to figure out the link metrics of a web page and do all your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the move.

It brings you the Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score for any specific entered domain or search engine result page (SERP). We can also conduct page analysis and get a breakdown of the type of links that shows up on a given page or search engine.

Before we dig deeper into MozBar, let us look at some important features of it.

MozBar Extension Setup, Sign in and Usage:

Source: MozBar
  • Download MozBar extension from google and add it to your chrome.
  • Log into your Moz account.
  • Then you can see the MozBar “M” icon on the top right-hand side.
  • To activate the tool you click on that icon. 
  • If you click the blue ‘M’ icon one more time it will enter DA mode.
  • Another click can turn MozBar off.

Salient Uses of MozBar

Google once used the tool called ‘Google Ranks’, after some time it stopped the feature publicly. MozBar Extension can be identified as an alternate tool to seek the evaluation of web pages and domains. It is used to find out a site’s PA, DA, and spam scores. Let us briefly have a look at how these features are beneficial to its users.

Page Authority:

Page Authority (PA) is Moz’s exclusive metric which ranks from 1 to 100. It is used to express how well a web page will rank in google based on the machine learning algorithm of link metrics.

Domain Authority:

Domain Authority (DA) is Moz’s unique metric which has a ranking meter from 1 to 100. It is a measure of how well your domain can rank on Google SERPs. We can see the PA and DA by adding Mozbar to your google chrome extensions. When you see your search results in Google’s SERPs using MozBar, you can see the PA and DA rating in SERPs.

Spam Score (SS):

It gives us a detail about at what percentage a website shares commonality with other websites that were subjected to penalized or banned by google. It does not require to be spammy websites so it’s better to dig deeper into potential spammy sites for advanced investigations.

The algorithm used to calculate the score uses some common features shared by the number of web pages on search.

About Inbound, Followed, Non follow, Total Links:

Inbound links are backlinks that are located within your page and provide related sources. On the other hand, external links are links that you repeatedly search from other sites.

Followed links do not have non follow tags. They’re crawled and indexed by search engines.

Just its opposite, non-follow links tell crawlers not to crawl and index them. They are directly added to a link or on a page.

As the name suggests, Total links are the sum of external followed and internal non follow links that a particular page has.

All these features help you to build, find and analyze better ways to enhance your page or website’s SEO.

Mozbar Extension is easily available at free downloads, if you’re new to this tool you can choose the free version and learn about its features and benefits. 

The premium version which is a paid one will have more advanced functions and easy-to-go tools in it. Moz pro account will give you access to the entire suite of tools from Moz, at a nominal cost 99$ per month.

Unlike the free version which gives you access to limited data like PA and DA, the Pro version provides you speedy and unlimited access to the tools like Open Site Explorer, keyword difficulty tool, etc.,

Despite these differences, Mozbar is a useful tool extension even if you use free or paid versions.

Premium MozBar Extension Features:

  • Keyword Difficulty – You can see a real-time result of the keyword search on SERP with the respective ranking of the website.
  • Page Optimization –It is possible that optimization detail and content suggestions for any keyword on any web page from the result.
  • More Metrics– More the features it can offer includes deep SERP analysis data with root domain that can include subdomain links too. That makes report more accurate and efficient. 

Customize MozBar Extension Metrics:

Customization of the metrics can be done as you can find, through MozBar settings. To do that you have to click on the gear icon on the right side of the screen. 

Source: MozBar

Create Search Profiles:

With MozBar active on your user-friendly search engine, you can create profiles to make custom searches by engine, country, region or city which is a feature to be used utmost needed take.

Link Metrics

You may see Domain and Page Authority scores by process, as well as the number of inbound links and linking root domains each ranked page has while searching with MozBar Extension. The Link Explorer tool allows you to dig a little deeper into this data by choosing Link Analysis.

Domain Authority Mode (DA Mode): 

When you activate the MozBar icon, it will go into DA Mode. As you browse the web, the symbol will now display the DA of each domain you visit.


MozBar Extension possesses a number of quality features that can help in a variety of ways during your SEO journey. If you can afford it, Mozbar premium can offer some additional features that make you stay a step ahead of your competition. Apart from that features offered in the free tool of the same can no doubt fulfil the basic requirements of your site’s SEO.

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Also, Thanks a lot for reading along, it means a lot to us. 

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