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3 Ways To Embed Google Reviews On Your WordPress Website

3 Ways To Embed Google Reviews On Your WordPress Website

Google reviews can be used to assess the reputation of your brand. You could offer anything your brand offers, including a product or service. Your prospects will search for you on Google. They will then read what your customers have to say about you and decide whether they want to go with you or one of your competitors.

Highlighting Google reviews has become an important step in this age of internet. It can be a great way to grab users’ attention and increase credibility. This is a major shift that marketers have noticed.

You can now embed Google reviews on your WordPress website. Imagine the potential benefits!

These are just three ways you can make it happen.

Ways To Embed Google Reviews On Your WordPress Website

These are three ways to embed Google Reviews on your website.

Google’s Embedding Option

Google provides an embedding option, which you can use to add one Google review to your website. Simply open a Google Review on your Google Business Page, click on the options at the top right, select the “embed option”, and the embedding code should appear.

The embed code can be copied and pasted on your website’s backend, where you want the Google review. Although this seems simple, it has many drawbacks.

  • Google reviews can only be added to one at a time
  • There are only two themes options: dark and light.
  • Many tools are available to provide a better experience.

Use An Aggregator Tool

Taggbox Widget, an aggregator tool, allows you to embed Google Reviews on your website in the easiest way possible. Taggbox Widget can be connected to your Google Business account. This will allow you to upload all of your Google reviews to the Taggbox Widget dashboard.

You can filter out irrelevant or Negative Google reviews using moderation options. This will ensure that only the positive ones are kept. After you’re done, you can customize your Google review widgets to match your website’s theme. There are many options available to you: layouts, fonts and templates, themes, and so on.

You are now ready to create your Google review widget. Now it is time to embed it in your WordPress website. Click on “Publish” and select WordPress from the available CMS options. The unique embed code will be generated and you can paste it on your website’s backend where you want the widget.

But that’s not all. You can also access performance analytics to monitor the performance of your Google review widget and make adjustments to suit your audience.

WordPress Plugin

RichPlugins offers Widget For Google Reviews, a WordPress plugin. There are two versions of this plugin: a paid and unpaid. The free version gives you access to a small number of Google reviews. You can display reviews using a shortcode, widget or other page builder. You can hide reviews that you don’t wish to show to your audience, trim longer reviews using “read more” links, and much more.

The paid version allows you to add a maximum and minimum rating filter to your Google Review widget to make it easier for website visitors to view the reviews. There are many layouts and templates to choose from.

Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews to Your WordPress Website

These are the amazing benefits of embedding Google Reviews on your website.

Building trust around your brand

You can add Google reviews to your WordPress website. This adds transparency. Google reviews can be found on your website and visitors feel more comfortable reading the reviews of others. This makes your website standout and encourages people to choose you over your competitors.

Make your brand known

Google reviews can help you build a positive brand image. Google reviews are a trusted source for your target audience. Trusting your content increases the likelihood that they will share it with their friends and family, which can help you increase your brand’s presence.

Conversions to Upscale

When you build trust with your audience, they will be more inclined to invest in your products or services when looking at brands similar to yours. Google reviews embedded on your site will increase your conversions like nothing before.

Encourage social proof in your audience

If you include Google reviews on your website and customers see them, it creates social proof and encourages them write Google reviews. This will add more reviews to your Google Business page.

Let’s call it a wrap!

Alas! Finally! These are three different ways to embed Google Reviews on your website. We also introduced you to the Google embedding tool, Taggbox, an aggregator tool, and a WordPress plugin.

Each method is unique and can be tailored to meet different business requirements. You can choose to start one and reap all of the benefits mentioned above.

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