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How Domain Authority Effect on SEO And How to Increase DA

How Domain Authority Effect on SEO And How to Increase DA

The top pages in SERP (search engine results page) only manage to garner organic traffic less than half, or 49% of the time. So, if the top-ranking pages are compromising on traffic, imagine how much the pages behind in SERP are losing. Moreover, Google considers over 200 ranking factors in ranking a website on SERP. 

That’s when good DA scores come in handy, as it also indicates the overall prowess of a website. So, how do you go about increasing domain authority? Moreover, what exactly are its effects of it on SEO? Let’s find out: 

What Is Domain Authority? 

Domain Authority was introduced by Moz as a way to determine the quality of a website. It takes various things into account before assigning a certain website score from 1 to 100. The common factors in assigning a domain authority include:

  • The quality of content in a domain
  • The quality of backlinks
  • Number of backlinks
  • Generating overall ranking strength of a website
Domain Authority of

Other elements include the page speed of a website and how many orphan pages or broken links are within a page. The DA score factors in as such:

  • 1-30 are considered low ranked websites
  • 30-40 is an average score—most websites fall in this category
  • 50-60 is a good DA score, with some top websites falling in this category
  • 60 and above is an excellent DA score with top websites such as Forbes 

This score is what determines how good a website is in content and backlinks. Therefore, one should always go for a DA of 40 and above. That’s why good DA scores require one to get rid of plagiarism, broken links, and other preventing factors.

5 Impacts of Domain Authority on SEO 

The impact of Domain authority on SEO is not a direct factor. Mainly because Google doesn’t consider this officially. However, how a website ranks in DA impacts how well it will rank higher in SERP.

You can consider DA as an after-market element that SEO Experts like Moz have created to determine the chances of a website. That’s why it’s imperative to use it to stand out in SERP. So, how exactly does it impact SEO if Google doesn’t recognize it officially? 

Here are five key factors to help you understand: 

Compare Your Domain with Others

Comparing your DA with other websites in your niche or industry can help you understand where you stand. In other words, it can help you conduct comparative analysis. Why are they important? Because they can help you consider the ways to increase DA by employing advanced SEO tactics.

Low DA Scores Help You Determine the Next Move

If your website is scoring below par, less than 40, then you can determine your next move. This impactful defining of your website’s score can also help you grasp what’s going wrong with your website. Or, it can also assist you in understanding the problems persisting in content within your domain.

Find Valuable Guest Posting Websites 

Let’s talk about the impact outside of your domain. If you’re looking to guest post on another site, how do you know it’s even worth it? When you check DA PA of a site. 

If the website is above 60, then your guest post or outbound link on it can help you garner organic traffic.

Evaluate Website Performance & Quality

A DA rating can help you push it for better scores if your website isn’t performing well in terms of speed and lag. 

If you find the problem behind your low DA scores is a slow website or high spam index, then it can assist you in getting rid of it accordingly.

Understand Spam Index 

Speaking of spam index, your spank score will go higher if your website features a high quantity of spam or bogus content. That’s why it’s imperative to get rid of it. 

Therefore, checking your website with a DA checker can help you find your website’s spam index as well.

7 Essential Tips to Help Increase DA Through Link Building

Link building should be one of your priorities to improve your website’s DA score. So, how can you do that? By following these 7 essential tips:

Find Linkable Websites

Linkable websites or websites with High DA scores should be your priority. Finding these websites will grant you an edge over your competitors—if your website or content gets posted on it.

Build Affiliates & Guest Blog Relations

You need to build your online PR by guest blogging on other websites. This process requires you to get in touch with the high-DA websites in your niche or industry. By doing so, you will ensure that you build dependable affiliates for interlinks and outbound links.

Testimonial Link Building 

Testimonial link building is the pinnacle of affiliate marketing. In this process, a reliable name in your niche will review your service, website, or product and post your link on their domain. It’s a viable strategy to improve your website’s DA score.

Write Blogs Regularly

Your domain needs to be top-notch, and for that, you need original and quality content frequently. That’s why your priority should be to write content that’s impactful and linkable.

Guest Post & Allow Others to Do the Same

You need to guest post on other websites to bring traffic to your domain. In turn, you need to allow others to do the same. 

This will help you feature many links on your website, and through this, search engine crawlers will recognize the content within your domain as one with informative value.

We also accept guest posting on our website. You can read our guestpost guidelines here

Increase Inbound & Outbound Links

You need to add more inbound links on the sites you guest post. On the contrary, you also need to make sure your website features viable outbound links. 

Focus On Writing Good Content 

Lastly, you will have to focus on writing original content to make it linkable. Therefore, focus on writing plagiarism-free content and ensure that you provide valuable outbound links within it. 


These are the most important factors of DA in SEO and how you can increase your website’s score through link building. Following this strategy can ensure that you increase your DA scores. And, it can also help you stand out against your competition. 

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