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google web story: everything you need to know

Google Web Story: Everything You Need to Know Now!

That’s the reason the tappable story feature is so successful. Numerous social media platforms have integrated the feature and we are loving them already. 

Now Google has come up with their own version, called Google Web Story.

So, what are Google web stories and why do you need to know about them?

Let’s find out.

What Are Google Web Stories?

Google initially introduced the feature as AMP Stories in Feb 2018.

They explained that “The popular Story format’s web-based version that allows creators to show their stories in a tappable visual manner”

The feature felt quite similar to that of the social media platforms. 

Then in 2020, Google rebranded it as “Google Web Stories”.

Examples of Web Stories

You can watch our all web stories at one page: ItsGeekynerd Web Stories

Google Web Stories

Web Stories In Google Discover

What is the purpose of Web Stories by Google?

Google Web Story is a type of visual material that can be shared around the web.

They’re similar to Instagram stories in that they allow authors to post a series of photographs, videos, and audio at once.

Because Web Stories Google may be seen in full-screen mode, Google describes them as “completely immersive.”

Where Do Google Web Stories Appear?

The thing that sets Google Web Stories apart from the stories that we see in apps is the ability to be seen across the web.

On The Website

As the social media platform’s story feature limits them to their platform. Google Web Stories can be hosted on one’s own website.

This offers relatively more freedom over the design and content of the story as there get no restrictions over what you can show.

Now, this also helps in driving traffic to your site directly where the stories on social media keep users on their platform.

In the Search Results

This is a big plus for Web Stories on Google as they can be shown on a SERP.

They can be indexed just like a web page and can be offered as a search result to the user.

In Google Discover

With the rebranding of Google AMP Stories to Web Stories. They also announced that they are bringing stories to the Google Discover feeds in selected regions starting with India, Brazil and U.S.

Google Discover Web Stories can be accessed through the Google Discover feed by tapping on them and watching them on full-screen.

In Your Online Journals

Since Web Stories are housed on your own computers, the material may also be utilised in other digital assets such as emails and brochures.

On a Variety of Devices

Web stories may be accessed on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers, despite the fact that the AMP technology on which they are built is meant for usage on mobile devices.

As a result, there is no need to produce desktop-friendly versions for flexible materials like websites, which boosts their usability.

Google Web Story Advantages

Are you certain that producing Google Web Stories for your company is a good idea?

If you’re still undecided, consider some of the advantages Google Web Stories may provide for your firm, as well as why they may be preferable to some of the social media alternatives.

It’s a new approach for people to discover your website.

The ability for Google Web Stories to appear on Google search pages or in Google pictures is a compelling argument to consider generating them, thanks to Google’s formidable search engine capabilities.

It’s another way to improve your SEO performance.

You may also include links or CTAs that drive visitors to your site because Google Web Stories are so configurable.

You are the owner of the material.

The key difference between Google Web Stories and its social media competitors is the ownership of the material.

Because you created the content using AMP or a third-party platform, you are free to do anything you want with it.

You are free to post it on your own website or share it in any other manner you see fit. Consider how you’d like to utilise Google Web Stories and how they’ll be discovered by others. This might also have an impact on your creative choices. You have unlimited control over the options, which are nearly limitless.

They provide a more immersive experience on your website.

Whether you’ve been looking for a way to shine up your blogging, tell a story on your website, or simply prefer the aesthetic of a full-screen experience, Google Web Stories may bring a new dimension to your website.

Full-screen Both mobile and desktop users may see Google Web Stories, which reduces descriptions and makes viewers feel like they’re a part of the story.

They are entertaining for your audience.

The average adult spends more than 6 hours every day on their mobile device. Scrolling through subjects that interest them is a popular pastime.

To cut through the internet’s noise and clutter, you’ll need to establish your speciality and provide attractive, dynamic tales that entice your audience to stay watching.

It can be amazing to make them.

Although this may not be the case for everyone, many artists may like creating Google Web Stories.

Many of the tools we discussed above include drag-and-drop capabilities, making the design process simple for many individuals. It’s probable that you’ll find yourself constantly coming up with new story ideas and novel ways to present them.

How to Create Google Web Stories

how to create Google web story
How to create Google web stories?

Before going on the quest of knowing how to make Google web stories, consider your brand’s image.

And what stories could you tell to make it more clear to the audience?

Next thing is to take some minutes to plan out your story. You can do it on rough paper or on a tissue. Just plan out the number of panels, you would like it to have.

The graphics that would be appropriate and appealing. And DO NOT miss to add your CTAs.

Now, starts the journey of presenting your Google web story to the audience.

Google web stories are actually code-stuffed. So, if you have a code geek on your side, then they might be able to create one for you. 

For that, they need to be familiar with the AMP framework. If they are not, then they can start figuring AMP out, as it provides a number of documentation to do so.

And for the ones, that are not familiar with the astonishing world of codes. Don’t worry, there are a number of tools that can be used to create the Google web stories by yourself.

Tools for Creating A Google Web Story

It’s obvious that not many people code out there but have their stories to tell as a brand. For them, Google offered third-party suggestions, some of which can be used as a Google web story plugin.

Web Stories by Google Plug-in

As the web’s filled with WordPress-built websites, let’s start from there first.

This Google web stories WordPress plug-in lets you create the web stories from the website’s CMS. As it gets integrated into the website, Google web stories will have access to the WordPress media library. 

Google web stories WordPress plugin

The WordPress web stories plugin offers a drag-and-drop creation feature that makes it easier to create a Google web story. And also lets you publish the story right away.

Not just that, it also offers Google web stories templates to help you put. So, if you have a WordPress website then it’s the easiest and most accessible option to consider.

Newsroom AI

It lets you make a Google web story with a number of additional qualities. 

With the free version of it, you can start creating and publishing stories on Google. You can track their performance and make use of analytics to improve.

The process is quite simple. Just sign up with a Google account and click start creating.

Newsroom AI Google Web story plugin

Newsroom AI too offers a range of appealing templates. Just choose one and start creating.

Now let the creative beast take over you.

Now you can start editing up each page and make it as you want. Here you have more creative freedom. More layouts and presets to choose from. And design ideas go as long as your creative mind can keep up. 

But still, if you want more out of it, you can simply upgrade the account.

Make Stories

Just like the previous two, Make Stories is too awesome for its easy-to-use features. 

They offer a range of free images, symbols, icons, and much more. They offer stunning templates to start plus a drag-and-drop feature to ease the design process.

Make Stories Web Stories plugin

They offer WordPress integration too. But if you wish you can export it in a zip file format. Or if not even that, you can directly publish it to your FTP on the website and embed options like iFrame can also be used.

So, if you just starting out with the intention of exploring. This WordPress web stories Google option can be the best to have a lookout before jumping in the ocean.

Things To Remember!

Google web stories are an amazing opportunity to set new goals. Surely, not everyone will get benefited from the, but still, look at the possibilities.

I believe it’s worth giving a try. Also, it’s too easy to start.

There are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • Ensure that your stories’ URLs are included in your XML sitemap.
  • To make it simpler for Google to analyze your stories, use Schema structured data
  • Other (related) sections of your site can link to your stories.
  • Ensure that your stories are worth watching and offer value.
  • You can use ads but just don’t overdo it.
  • Avoid including too many links to external sites, as this can cause readers to become distracted.
  • Keep the story brief and to the point (Google prefers 5-30 pages, with a suggested area between 10-20)
  • Keep the title to a minimum.
  • On pages, don’t use too much text.
  • Use alt text to make images more accessible.
  • Video is great for telling stories, but keep them brief.

The Bottom Line

Google web story is a promising rich and engaging content format that is needed to be explored.

Where other social media platforms’ story feature is time-bound and is caged to their platform, Google web stories does not have those issues.

This post is meant to be written as a Google web stories tutorial. I hope you would have known everything you needed to be regarding the Google web story feature.

If you still have any queries, the comment box is wide open for you or you can mail us your query at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, Thank You For Reading Along. It means a lot to us.

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