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ways to sell products in an eCommerce store

10 effective ways to sell products in an eCommerce store

With the booming eCommerce industry, most people are moving to online marketplaces. Businesses are trying to find the best ways to reach customers and make their virtual shopping experience more memorable.  

The current eCommerce market is extremely competitive. People are easily drawn to online stores by their rich display of products or their attractive brand promotions. 

Globally, online shoppers are regularly expanding because of easy accessibility to products and to save time. 

Online businesses follow different marketing strategies to promote their products. Choosing the best suiting marketing tools for your business and brand is always challenging. To help you move ahead in the competition and boost revenue, here we are, with a list of:

10 effective strategies to ways to sell products in an eCommerce store

ways to sell products in an eCommerce business

Build a mobile app

How frequently have you been browsing a site on your mobile and then felt like changing to a desktop to place an order? To take your eCommerce sales further, consider creating your own eCommerce business application for iPhone and Android.

There are a few advantages to having an application for your eCommerce store:

  • Applications will quite often load the pages more rapidly than sites. So shoppers can purchase all the more proficiently. 
  • Your customers are just one tap away from checking your products if you have a mobile app. You can likewise send push messages through applications to tell people when you have a deal or when their favorite item is back in stock.
  • Let us say that your business is quite established, and you are searching for ways to foster your brand image. You generally need shoppers to have a memorable shopping experience with your brand.

Then, having an application is a fantastic method for promoting deals and driving development.

Create an application that is intuitive and easy to use.

With a simple UI that resembles your eCommerce website and minor tweaks to make it more convenient for a mobile user. 

There are ways of building your site and mobile app. So you can reserve specific features for the mobile that doesn’t show up on the site and vice versa. Likewise, you can plan various features targeting various gadgets.

Email marketing

Email advertising is still in the run and makes more noise than other channels like social media, paid search, and so on.

Creating an email list is pretty simple as captivating clients to provide you with their emails when they make a purchase.

You can likewise gather email addresses through social media drives and on your website in return for coupons or content upgrades.

An email advertising technique can include individual messages and a sequence of automated emails.

You can even set up email automation for 

  1. Cart abandonment
  2. Welcome emails
  3. Order emails and so on.

Abandoned cart recovery messages retarget people when they leave the products in their carts.

You might have received one reminding you to return and buy the things you left in your shopping bag. It is one of those friendly reminders that will assist your business with recovering those lost deals.

Welcome emails are incredible that shoppers get an email automatically when they signup to receive your messages. You can add a short message about your brand and express how glad you are to have them. If you need, you can even add a coupon to use for their next purchase. 

Order emails are ideal for keeping customers posted with updates on their buys.

Likewise, messages for various scenarios in the customer journey can be automated including a confirmation email telling the shoppers that you have accepted their orders.

  • A shipment email is to verify that the items have been shipped.
  • A delivery email is to say their items have been delivered.
  • You can also send another email asking if they like the products delivered.

Requesting feedback and reviews is one of those eCommerce business advertising techniques that are simple to include in any automation you may have.

This is useful for other users when they are looking for your products. All the while, it is useful for your business that you can keep developing and growing.

You should optimize your emails for mobiles. Very much like optimizing your site to be device-friendly, your messages too should look easy on different devices. Try not to lose subscribers only because they can’t see your messages on their mobiles.

Most email marketing tools by default enhance your messages for various devices. However, recheck whether all of your pictures, text, and logos look great before sending.

Engaging in social media marketing

Your business website permits you to exploit techniques like PPC promotions and SEO

However, having a social media presence makes it conceivable to create a relationship with purchasers personally. 

Social media promotion helps you

  • Exhibit your organization’s culture 
  • Build loyalty among current customers and prospects
  • Address some customer concerns
  • Gather reviews
  • Remain at the top in the minds of followers  
  • Positively build your brand image

The nature of the content you post via social media has an effect on how people perceive your brand. Stay away from stock photographs, yet ensure the photos you take look incredible. Include hashtags and mentions for your benefit to reach more people. 

Always react to comments appropriately and engage with followers to foster your brand voice.

Today, many social media advertising platforms exist. It is pivotal to choose the right one for your brand presence. Where do your customers hang out? Even though Facebook was once the center for college students. Today it’s probably the best spot to reach the working group. 

And college students are bound to be on Instagram or Snapchat, and surprisingly that may change as new social media apps evolve.

Content marketing

Content promotion includes making written or visual material to inform and engage with your leads. Content marketing should be more focused on delivering value to the readers rather than aiming only to promote your product. Yet it’s brilliant to have a call to action or link your product pages to the content.

Content promotion adds up to your SEO endeavors because new content such as articles, videos, or pictures tells Google that your site is dynamic and relevant. Therefore, having an enormous amount of valuable content on your site improves the number of search inquiries your site will appear in. 

So more leads to your site due to more effective search inquiries. The content promotion gives material to be shared via social media and email campaigns.

Having a planned and optimized site with periodical content distribution is the foundation of the relative strategies for selling an item. Continue to utilize different content techniques to persuade individuals to visit your site effectively. And make sure the site and your item merit the customers’ time and consideration.

Optimize search engine

There are millions of business websites available on the internet. So, how do the individuals locate yours when they search on Google?

Search engine optimization includes setting up your site in a way that urges Google’s algorithm to distinguish it as definitive and significant. Based on specific keywords and subjects. Hence, your site can rank higher on search results and your interest group can find your offerings.

Search optimization techniques incorporate adding keywords to titles, headings, meta descriptions, and all through the page’s content seamlessly. 

Few other SEO techniques:

A brilliant SEO strategy requires new content, rich text snippets, and constant keyword tracking to examine results, and spot opportunities.


Referrals are an incredible asset to create a business. A fulfilled shopper can acquire 10 more shoppers while a disappointed shopper can drive away at least hundreds of them. This is the reason for getting feedback from a happy customer. Also, convincing the disappointed customer is similarly significant to produce future business.

A happy shopper refers your brand to his family members and friends. So appreciate their role as brand advocates with deals, discounts, and coupons. 

Also, many brands reach out to social media influencers who are less or more popular. 

These influencers have a great many followers on social media, and the followers see each and every post made by the influencer. In such cases, the organizations can contact these influencers and request that they promote their brand for payment or free.

This technique works well and has done miracles for some brands by producing a deal for them. You can add quick links in the description that will lead the followers to the purchasing page.

Discount offers and schemes

One more technique to sell the products is to have immense price slash or discount schemes and offers. When the product gets a tremendous price cut, it boosts the deals up. 

The reason that brands offer a price cut is either the organization aims to expand the products deals or an upgraded product of the same is to be launched. 

It could likewise be a reaction to their opponents’ price cut. In any of these cases, the revenue increases.

Discount schemes are one more type of price cut in which a shopper is made to purchase more items at less cost, or a free item is given with the purchase of the current product. In both of the cases, the shopper gets the advantage. 

Following are instances of price cuts and schemes:

If you are pricing one shirt for $ 199. The discount scheme can look like this: 

  • Buy 2 Get 1
  • Buy 1 Get 1
  • Buy 2 at 30% offer
  • Buy 3 at a 50% offer

These discount schemes can come with an offer expiry period. The basic idea is to clear the stocks and make the deal early. The price cut can be announced during the festive season to produce more business. At times, price cuts may look like a mind trick just to attract the customer base, who are keen on price reduction.

For instance, a shirt with a price of $ 99 may not attract numerous purchasers. However, a similar tag, when changed to $ 199 and that shirts’ offer price is displayed as $ 99, and then, it will attract the customer. Eventually, build the deals. 

Sometimes gifts that complement the main product are given, like purchasing a shirt and taking a tie for free. These techniques can engage a lot of shoppers and get the sale going.

Loyalty program

A loyalty program is a customer retention tool aimed at engaging your current customers. So they will purchase in higher amounts, the more regularly, or interface with your brand more often. The most promising programs are straightforward, show a clear way to higher levels, rewards, and provide a pleasant experience!

Loyalty programs can likewise be free and based on a points system. A customer acquires a specific number of points and various prizes. 

Here are a few types of loyalty programs:

  • Subscription-based loyalty programs
  • Hybrid programs
  • Perk programs
  • Tiered loyalty programs
  • Point-based loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are powerful because they drive customers to get back to your eCommerce store. Whether it’s to utilize the points they have collected for a gift, a free delivery, or a percentage off their price tag.

Win-back email campaigns

Email is more effective to reach out to high-intent customers who have actually visited your store and made their purchases. One of the most significant successions you can make is win-back email campaigns. The goal of win-back emails is to get first-time purchasers into repeat purchasing. A kind of lifecycle advertising that tries to engage a customer because of where they are in the customer lifecycle. 

For this scenario, the customer is in the post-purchase stage. So the right message to send them is what brings them back.

Have an email campaign to target first-time purchasers. Aim the first email to send 30 days after their purchase provided that they haven’t made a subsequent purchase in that time. Each subsequent email will be shipped off your list of first-time purchasers. You can set parameters to eliminate any individual who makes a buy while the email campaign goes on.

Your first email can inform the customer of one more item similar to the first product they purchased. The product could be from your core collection or from limited edition stock to entice customers. 

This email can exclude any coupon codes but rather tell the customer regarding your further product offerings.

You can send your second email 30 days after the first email. The subsequent email includes a little promotion, like 5% off or free delivery on the upcoming order.

Your third email can be sent 30 days after the second one. The third email can contain another offer that is 10% higher than the last. In this way, that could be something like 15% off or 20% off and free delivery.

Your fourth email could include another deal. However, you will not send this one until 120 days after the customer made a purchase. It may be the right time to inquire whether they are actually interested in your brand. 

To learn the reason why they aren’t fascinated, you could include a survey in the email that asks what might lead them to place an order.

Introduce a subscription model

However, it may not look like marketing, but offering subscription membership to your products is a marketing choice. Providing your customers a method to subscribe to membership basically positions your items as ones that will become their regular essentials. Introducing a membership model takes more work than other advertising strategies. 

But it is a very viable method for guaranteeing repeating income.

For instance, 

If you are selling toothpaste which is definitely not a one-time requirement for a customer. You can make a membership model that auto restores on a standard period. Then, the customers will not have to visit your store or even recollect that they are running low before you dispatch a refill. 

If your organization does not give refills, you could offer customers membership to a bundle of monthly products.

Launch subscription in your store, then your organization will see a majority of the income coming from memberships.

Know how to create repeat customers

Your customer base resembles a nursery. Keep an eye on your customers, and you can add up to the value they get just as well as the worth that returns to your business. 

For instance, a customer may get a great deal of significant value from your flagship product. 

Recurrent clients compound in value, as well. When a customer makes a subsequent buy, you never again need to pay the expense to acquire them, and they may prescribe your brand to companions with equivalent taste.

However, recurrent buys don’t come free of charge. You will have to put resources into the right regions strategically. 

Even though you can claim that every action from a positive customer can possibly impact retention, there are three fundamental levers that brands should begin with:

Stock up

Customers need a stock that meets their requirements. They additionally search for top-notch things that meet or surpass their requirements. If you observe a top-of-the-line product that shoppers will love, consider placing it upfront on your site. Chances are, customers who buy that item first will return for more.

Customer experience:

Excellent customer support service doesn’t mean burning through your profit. But it implies giving them surprising extras. This could be pretty much as straightforward as being available when your customers need you or providing free returns for any order.


You will require the ideal marketing technique for the ideal clients at an ideal time. Strategies you may utilize are win-back emails, lifecycle promotion, loyalty programs, or new launches that make customers want more and more. 

Last words

eCommerce products don’t sell on their own. Fortunately, there are numerous ways of marketing a product in a store.

A smart and vital marketing technique will take your business development to a higher level.

Regarding sorting out the right eCommerce marketing technique for your business, get innovative and try out. And think what better you can do over your opponent.

It would be better if you ran A/B tests to gauge the best technique for your eCommerce business. A/B tests permit you to improve results as you can run two methodologies simultaneously to compare them.

These techniques will assist you in building trust and loyal customers that buy from your brand over and over.

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