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10 ways to engage your readers

10 Proven Ways to Engage Your Readers More with Your Content

Just throwing words on the screen and expecting the users to read and engage is not gonna happen at all.

Big number of content is published every day and most of it goes unnoticed under the rug.

Now, to get your content noticed, you have to put in tactics, research, statistics, and emotions too, which is a not-so-easy task.

The good thing is, content writing is a skill. That means you can get better at it

Just a bit of learning and practice and you are on your way to getting your content on the top.

Let’s look up the 10 proven tactics that you can use to make your writing engaging.

10 ways you can engage with your audience

1. Title and Headlines Keep the User Reading

The title makes sure that the reader clicks on your result on Google SERP. And headlines make sure that they keep on reading.

If the headline isn’t able to turn the user’s head, then you need to rewrite it. The headline should be able to give rise to emotion or curiosity inside the user’s brain. 

You can make your headline a question, or you can use power words (which we will talk about later). 

There are AI-based tools that help you write a better and more engaging title and headlines that you can use.

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2. Reader is your Friend

The person you’re writing for is just like you.

You should write the content not as a lesson, but as a discussion. You can ask questions in between, involve the reader and make him think too.

This is one of the pieces of advice that every novice writer gets but forgets with time. “Write as you talk to a friend”.

The best way to accomplish this is by considering yourself in the shoes of the reader. Think about what questions he/she might have and find the easiest way to give the answer to them.

3. Just as a Song, Content needs a Hook too

Hook does not mean the same thing here as it does in a song. But it is important here too.

Here, you get around 3 seconds to hook readers or they’ll leave the site.

The first sentence of the content makes a great impact and decides whether the reader will read your article further or not.

So, you need to write a catchy first line that hooks the reader and slides them smoothly to the first point.

4. Keeping it Short and Simple is the Key

People have short attention spans now when reading blogs online thanks to the huge rush of information around the web.

Users do not like to read very long pieces of article when they know they can get the information in a shorter form somewhere else. 

Statistic Brain has reported that on average only 28% out of the total words on a web page get read by any user. That means most of the content does not even get read by the majority of people.

And that’s why you need to make it look smaller and simpler to read. Try writing paragraphs of 3-4 sentences, and put a lot of (not too much) white space to make it look neat.

5. Deep Research is a Must

Listen to this first, never publish a piece of content without completely researching it.

It’s much easier than before to do deep research and stats on a specific topic, so take the chance and give your readers deep and true facts.

When you do extensive research about a topic, you ensure two things,

  • You can offer your readers some fresh stats and insights
  • You know the information you’re sharing is completely right

Especially if you’re doing B2B content marketing, including statistics, data and metrics makes you more trustable and generates a positive image of your brand.

6. Visual Elements make your Text more Interesting

Publishing only text makes you look boring. You can add photos, videos, infographics or graphs to make it look more colourful and attractive.

According to research, it is found that people read information from coloured graphics 80% faster than text. It increases their willingness and doubles the chances to read further.

Apart from that it creates more engaging experiences and is a positive point for social sharing and SEO purposes.

7. Revolve around Your Main Plot

By this I mean, do not get stray away from your main topic while taking a detour. 

Just like talking to a friend, you forget the main purpose and talk about all the world, you don’t want to get lost here too.

Do write in an engaging tone, give it some of your personal touch and your experience and stories but do not forget the sole purpose.

Revolve around the main topic of the content to deliver your message right to the point.

8. Use Storytelling skills and Power words

Ever noticed how some writers can easily hook you up and control your emotions with their content?

That’s because they know how exactly to use their storytelling skills and add power words into the content.

Though storytelling is not that easy to pick but you can use power words right away.

What good writers do is, they do deep research to get real facts, they use their storytelling skills and drop facts in between using power words.

Some examples of the power words are, Free, Secret, You Must Know, How to, etc…

9. Your Voice Represents Your Brand

It’s no secret that a lot of people out there are writing and sharing the same things you do. So, how will you set yourself apart from them?

By creating your own voice.

Your voice can be your unique storytelling, your own experiences with stuff, your stories, etc.

You cannot get your distinctive voice in one day and with time you will get the flow that can set you apart from the crowd.

The importance of creating a unique voice is because people will see your voice as the voice of the brand. And if you can write in a distinctive voice then your brand too becomes distinctive.

10. Take Breaks to Recharge

You cannot write content continuously for hours and that’s a fact.

It requires creativity, there will come a time when your mind will get exhausted and the flow of creativity will stop.

That’s when you need to recharge. 

The best way to recharge is to simply take a break of 10-15 minutes. During that time do what you like and don’t think about the content at all.

Go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, get a coffee and you’re recharged to start again.

A Quick Checklist for Engaging Content

Engaging people with your content is not as simple as just getting content out there.

The attention span of users is decreasing with the increase in the number of websites on the internet. You have to offer something special to make them stay on your website and read your article.

The above-mentioned tactics can help you do that. They are tested and proven to make users engage.

I believe you would have found all the answers you were looking for. If you still have any questions left, then the comment box is wide open for you. Or you can mail us your query at [email protected]. We will get back to you as fast as possible.

Also, Thank You For Reading Along. It means a lot to us.

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