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Quora – The Best Place To Engage and Market Your Content

Search engines like Google or Bing have become our go-to places to find out any information. When you search a question, you must have seen a website with the name Quora which has questions and answers both.

What is Quora?

As per Wikipedia, Quora is an American social question and answer website. It was founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Both of them were former employees of Facebook. The users liked the interface of Quora.

The quality of answers was good and users could also edit the questions and answers along with the right to comment on them. With time, the features were increased and the interface became better. Today, it has become a community where many people go and find the answers and take the benefit of the knowledge of experts. 

Why do we need Quora?

In the world of search engines and so many other websites, why do we need Quora? First of all, the search engines show us different options wherein we can go and find the best results for our query. Quora provides the answers on its platform so easy to search. Also, the answers are given by industry experts so there is relevance and authenticity to the answers on Quora. 

If you want to find new content ideas, you can go to Quora as it has a variety of different topics. The ability to communicate to your audience is another feature of Quora. You can even have a follower base for your content. In short, Quora is your one-stop for answers, content creation, and a good place to market your content as well.

How does Quora help a Marketer?

Quora is not a place where one can sell the products but it is a place where you can create eye-catching content for your products and services. The advantages of Quora are just not limited to here. There is much more a marketer can do on Quora.

Keyword search:

There is a topic FAQ section in Quora that can help a marketer to understand the important keywords. Wanna learn about SEO Keyword Research

Content ideas:

There are more than thousands of topics that are available on Quora. The number of content ideas on Quora is innumerable.

Large audience:

Quora has a large audience. Most of the audience is well educated and on a higher scale of earning. This section would be easily captured by the right kind of content on Quora.

Organic traffic:

Quora also has the advantage of getting its content indexed on Google and hence it generates organic traffic for your content. 

Increase in popularity:

When it comes to SEO, the ranking on Google matters a lot. The ranking cannot increase if your content is not being searched on the different search websites. By using Quora, the marketers can increase the visibility of their content, leading to a better ranking.


Quora allows the users to comment on a question or answer so there is a way to communicate with your users.

Content Development:

Sometimes there is a gap in the content created. Quora can be used to do content gap analysis and find out that missing piece of the puzzle. With so much content and knowledge available on Quora, the marketer can create the most relevant and useful content.

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Content promotion:

In the entire process of finding the right content, creating and finding out the gaps within that content is a continuous process. With this, it is essential to promote the content with the help of the right kind of influencers. Quora can help in filtering the good influencer for your product and thus help in content promotion.

Link building:

Link building is an important exercise for any SEO.

Quora helps here too. A marketer can generate good link threads for the content which can be targeted and developed.

These are different ways by which Quora can help a marketer but now the next question comes-how to use Quora?

How to use Quora?

Quora has many advantages. To start with Quora, the first step is to create your profile and learn more as you go through this journey.

  1. Create your profile here
  2. Give correct information
  3. Use a good photograph
  4. Highlight your expertise
  5. Give researched and thoughtful answers
  6. Answers should be unique to get the attention of other users
  7. Provide links for further information
  8. Find your audience
  9. Research your competition
  10. Build your brand
  11. Create awareness for your brand

Quora is easy to use and the interface provides two-way communication which can help in creating the content further for your product or service.

  • Target Advertising: Quora also provides a platform for users to advertise their products or services with the help of different target advertising. Four types of categories are available on Quora for target advertisement:
  • Audience targeting: different techniques can be used to target your audience. They can be visitors to your website to the people in your email list. 
  • Broad targeting: this helps in automatically delivering the ads across the Quora audience taking into consideration the location, platform, and gender.
  • Behavioural targeting: it is a people-based targeting where users are targeted with the help of the topics read by them.
  • Contextual targeting: in this kind of strategy, the ads are placed based on keywords and content.

Quora also has a promoted answer as one of the strategies which reflect the expertise of some other benefits of the brand or service. It also labels these kinds of answers as ‘Promoted by’ tags. By doing this, it makes its users know that the content is promoted.


There are many websites out there and every day a new website is coming but Quora helps the users by creating a niche for themselves. It is important to keep the authenticity in your content and give the relevant questions and answers.

Once you decide your marketing campaign requirements, you can start working on Quora and with each day practice to refine your SEO.

With the right kind of promotion and exposure, Quora can be the best place to engage and market your content.

I hope you would’ve got all the answers you were searching for. If not, then the comment box is wide open for you or you can mail your queries at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to help you. 

Also, Thanks a lot for reading along, it means a lot to us. 

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