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Author: Mr. Json

Enrich Your Brand with Google Display Ads!

What is Google Display Ads? I am pretty sure that we are often witnessed and victimized by some uninvited flashing images, texts while browsing any sort of websites blogs, etc. These are called display advertisements. Display advertisements are part of Digital ads that showcase products

The Social Media Marketing That Wins Customers

Social media, who are not aware of these two words. Starting from your grocery store bhaiya to the CEO of any company, everyone is on social media. Have you ever wondered what is social media? Social media is an electronic platform where thoughts, ideas, and

Everything You Should Know About Content Marketing

In Today’s fast-paced world of advancement and innovation, the world has shrunken and become a global village due to the multi-faceted growth of technology. In this scenario, each and every aspect of various sectors like education, trade, and science should be updated as per the

Incredible Advantages of Local SEO for Your Startup

As you have just started up a new business, you would probably be searching for ways to promote your brand and attract your target audience. As per the current scenario, digital marketing has proved to be quite effective when it comes to promoting your new

B2B content marketing: everything you need to know

B2B Content Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Is B2B content writing different? Well, yes of course. As the targeted audience and aim are changed completely so do the writing strategy and elements.  B2B content writing generates content for other businesses instead of the user. And for that transition, a writer needs to

how to respond to reviews

Dealing with the Good and Bad: How to Respond to Reviews

Customer opinions and ratings have the potential to make or break a business.  Positive client feedback is essential for every organization.  In fact, 90% of customers read reviews, searching for the best services, before making a definitive decision.  If you don’t keep an eye on

ai based content writing tools

7 AI-based Content Writing Tools – Reviews and Comparisons

Artificial intelligence is gonna take over the world soon. No, I’m not gonna say that. AI is surely evolving with each passing day. It is changing the way we do things, on every level of our life. Now, AI has come storming into content marketing

content writing vs copywriting

Content Writing vs Copywriting: Ending The Debate

“What do you mean they are two different things, aren’t both of them just writing?” I’m done hearing this line again and again. Just because they both involve writing, does not mean they are the same. They are like poetry and prose, oranges and tangerines,

tips on starting web content writing

10 Tips on Starting Web Content Writing from Professionals

Ok, so as the first line of the content I must bring you some researched stats or tell you how you can learn web content writing easily so that you feel curious and read further. So, are you feeling curious? If you are looking to

habits of a successful content writer

7 Secret Habits of a Successful Content Writer You Must Know

Good habits make a person successful. Habits make us walk on a straight path rather than running in circles. And for a content writer, habits matter. A writer needs to be many personalities to create quality content “continuously”. Continuity here offers a great deal. It

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